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🔥+ DIY Revolving Table Top 05 Aug 2020 Modern wheelbarrows and carts come in almost every shape, size and ... Contact Ames-True Temper, P.O. Box 8859, Camp Hill, PA 17001; 800-833-3068. ... This explains why its payload rating certainly is not child's play: 1200 pounds. ... A $25 conversion kit allows the wheelbarrow to be towed by a garden tractor.

DIY Revolving Table Top Since the topography near the border of south Zhejiang Province and north Fujian Province features high mountains and deep valleys, the wooden arch bridge ...

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Introduction: How to Make an $11 Crate With a $3 2x4

I was passing through a home improvement store the other day and saw a simple wooden crate that was being sold for $11. I decided I could make one from a $3 2x4 and show you how.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

What you''s.

Step 2: Take Off Those Rounded Corners

Set your table saw at 3/16"" x 1.5""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step3""step""S1VCAOZIDFW9W0U""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Cut Thirteen (13) 3/8" X 1-1/2" X 18" Slats""""Cut Thirteen (13) 3/8" X 1-1/2" X 18" Slats""""Cut Thirteen (13) 3/8" X 1-1/2" X 18" Slats""""Cut Thirteen (13) 3/8" X 1-1/2" X 18" Slats""""Cut Thirteen (13) 3/8" X 1-1/2" X 18" Slats""""step-body"" wide piece later, resist the urge to rip a few 3/8"" off of my 2x4 and making 12 slats from that piece and then cutting the remaining slat from the remaining material after I made my 3""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step4""step""SB1O172IDFW9W71""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Cut Four (4) 3/4" X 3" X 9-1/2" End Pieces""""Cut Four (4) 3/4" X 3" X 9-1/2" End Pieces""""step-body"" blade)

Rip two 3/4"" dimension

Step 5: Cut a 1/2" Rabbet

To cut a 1/2 x 1/2 '' out off your 3/4"" away from the blade and the blade 1/2"") and trim out the remaining piece with a utility knife later

Step 6: Cut Six (6) 1/2" X 2-3/8" X 7" Cross Members

Here the 1/2"" rabbit you just cut.

The 7"" dimension is not critical - it may be a little more or less.

Step 7: Inventory Your Parts

Qty 13 = 3/8 x 1-1/2 x 18"" x 3"" (with 1/2"" rabbit)

Qty 6 = 1/2"" x 7""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step8""step""SJIA4ZIIDFW9YYZ""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Make Sure Your Staples Are 3/4" """"step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step9""step""S7AHIFFIDFWA1H0""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Staple Pieces From Step 4 and Step 6 Together""""Staple Pieces From Step 4 and Step 6 Together""""Staple Pieces From Step 4 and Step 6 Together""""step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step10""step""SAHPFZEIDFWA1JB""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Critical Step - Make Sure Your Handles Are Both 'up'""""Critical Step - Make Sure Your Handles Are Both 'up'""""step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step11""step""SDJA4KWIDFWA1LS""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""Critical Step, Make Sure You Know Which Way Is Up""""step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""step12""step""SP53QAFIDFWA1VW""step-title""mediaset""no-js-photoset""...and the Finished Product""""...and the Finished Product""""step-body""step-toolbar""stepBody""step-tip""step-question""step-comment""svg-pdf step-download download-pdf login-required verification-required""course""dual-ads""dual-ads-inner""gpt-ad-inline-med-1""gpt-ad""gpt-ad-inline-med-2""gpt-ad""imadeits""imadeits""list-unstyled unstyled imadeit-list js-comments""imadeit js-comment""C6S0INYIRO1DIVU""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""How to Make an $11 Crate With a $3 2x4""""How to Make an $11 Crate With a $3 2x4""made-by""user""/member/ChrisD338/""share""share-inner""btn btn-yellow made-it-btn js-show-poster""recommendations""recommendations-projects side-scrolling-container""recommendations-projects-ible""/id/Building-a-Giant-Trebuchet/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""Building a Giant Trebuchet""""Building a Giant Trebuchet""recommendations-projects-ible-info""ible-title""/id/Building-a-Giant-Trebuchet/""ible-author""/member/JackmanWorks/""ible-channel""/workshop/metalworking/projects/""ible-stats""ible-stats-left-col ible-featured""ible-stats-right-col""ible-favorites""Favorites Count""icon icon-favorite""ible-views""Views Count""icon icon-views1""recommendations-projects-ible""/id/DIY-Easy-Live-Edge-Desk/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""DIY (Easy) Live Edge Desk""""DIY (Easy) Live Edge Desk""recommendations-projects-ible-info""ible-title""/id/DIY-Easy-Live-Edge-Desk/""ible-author""/member/diyhuntress/""ible-channel""/workshop/woodworking/projects/""ible-stats""ible-stats-left-col ible-featured""ible-stats-right-col""ible-imadeits""IMadeIts Count""icon icon-imadeit""ible-favorites""Favorites Count""icon icon-favorite""ible-views""Views Count""icon icon-views1""recommendations-projects-ible""/id/DIY-Resin-Ocean-Serving-Tray/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""DIY Resin Ocean Serving Tray""""DIY Resin Ocean Serving Tray""recommendations-projects-ible-info""ible-title""/id/DIY-Resin-Ocean-Serving-Tray/""ible-author""/member/diyhuntress/""ible-channel""/workshop/woodworking/projects/""ible-stats""ible-stats-left-col ible-featured""ible-stats-right-col""ible-favorites""Favorites Count""icon icon-favorite""ible-views""Views Count""icon icon-views1""recommendations-projects-class""/class/Table-Saw-Class/""lazyload class-image""""/assets/img/pixel.png""Table Saw Class""class-image""""Table Saw Class""class-info""lazyload class-info-patch""""/assets/img/pixel.png""Table Saw Class""class-info-patch""""Table Saw Class""class-info-meta""class-info-title""/class/Table-Saw-Class/""list-unstyled contests recommendations-contests""sr-only""/contest/fta2020/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""First Time Author Contest""""First Time Author Contest""sr-only""/contest/space2020/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""Space Challenge""""Space Challenge""sr-only""/contest/scraps2020/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""Scraps Speed Challenge""""Scraps Speed Challenge""discuss""comment-type-selector""comments""discussion""posts js-comments""post js-comment""C7T8KS7IDK8A5L3""SYCOMDNIDCXH68P""MFZFZBKIBM21CIT""post-header""meta""votes js-vote-count hide""avatar""/member/marcwave/""lazyload""""/assets/img/pixel.png""marcwave""""marcwave""posted-by""author""/member/marcwave/""posted-date""step-link""#intro""toolbar js-toolbar""btn reply-btn js-reply""btn btn-default vote-btn js-vote-btn""text js-text""handle""
Thanks !! (my suggestion on the right!!)


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I like it!


1 year ago

I''m going to use the OP''m with ladykeetes. If you have a quicker way, please make an instructable.


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DIY Revolving Table Tophow to DIY Revolving Table Top for Could you do an the 1 last update 2020/08/05 instructable with your design? Could you do an instructable with your design?


4 years ago on Step the 1 last update 2020/08/05 12 4 years ago on Step 12

The last sentence is hiding the 1 last update 2020/08/05 deep philosophical truth.The last sentence is hiding deep philosophical truth.


4 years ago on Step 7

No criticism; one question -- would screws serve instead of staples?


4 years ago on Step 12

never count your tools in the price lol,but fasteners are material and so is the wood,so $3.25 would be a closer cost, then the difference is your wage to make up the sale price,if you were making 100 lot, than , the labor would go down in volume manufacturing so it would be safe to say that one takes 45min but 5 could be made in a hour so your $6.75 profit for the one box would be closer to $33.75 / hour and even giving a commission to the sales store ,of say $2.00 /unit , you would still clear $23.75 profit way better than most day jobs, ,,,, your video is well made , and so is your box, even the timely rabbit joint that most production guys would eliminate for the extra time profit they would achieve , tks


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Very Nice, I just love these 2x4 projects. When i first seen this, I was thinking "" and "" and "", But then ALL on the Table saw.

DIY Revolving Table Tophow to DIY Revolving Table Top for I might have cut those 3 inch wide pieces in 2 passes, just saying. Keep up the

great work!


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Wow, it looks like more than 45 minutes work to me, but it turned out beautiful.


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I built 2 crates the first one for 1 last update 2020/08/05 took hours + hours of planning leading up to the project.I built 2 crates the first one took hours + hours of planning leading up to the project.

The second crate was closer to the time I''Ible. Super clean design. Clearly explained & illustrated. Photos
illustrate steps well. Right now I'm trying to find a need to justify making to make
such a crate.

Constructive criticism (pun intended): considering
the thin margins for cutting errors, it would have helped if the cutting list
came before the first cutting step. Then we could do the cross-cuts first.

DIY Revolving Table Tophow to DIY Revolving Table Top for Thx, Lance ==)---------------

grumpy old man basement shop

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nice design.